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Chilli Con Carne-80g with recipe-Bondi Gourmet Spices

We have been very busy trying out the new blends from Bondi Gourmet Spices and of course as usual we suggest following the recipe that is included with the spice blend and then you can add your personal touches or change to suit your taste.

We cooked the Chilli Con Carne and it was delicious served on a bed of rice with a big blob of sour cream on top but had heaps left over so had to come up with ideas to serve the same but different.

We spread a layer of corn chips on a plate and sprinkled with grated cheese and microwaved for a minute. We served it this way: a bed of rice, next the corn chips covered with the chilli con carne then the sour cream. Delicious !!

Another idea was to stuff tortillas with the chilli con carne and layer in a pan then sprinkle with a little chopped tomato and then grated cheese, heat in the oven till cheese melts and looks all golden. Tasty !

With the remaining chilli con carne we cut a sheet of puff pastry in 4 and put a small amount in the centre, dampen the edges, fold into a triangle and bake at 190 degrees till puffed and golden.

Happy cooking…..


Kingsmore Meats

The family-owned and run Artisan Butcher have opened a new shop at Saporium 61 Mentmore Ave , Rosebery. Saporium is Sydney’s exciting new food precinct at the design and eating hub.The Cannery,Rosebery.

Kingsmore source high-quality,delicious meat from small, independent, local farmers who raise there animals naturally, humanely, ethically and sustainably. www.kingsmore.com.au


Bondi Gourmet Spices now available at Kingsmoremeats


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Sydney Meats & Bondi Gourmet Spices creating greatness


Sydney Meats is a family business,  owned by Brett and Robyn Pattinson and employs several family members in a range of roles.  As a farming family all too familiar with the impacts of markets,  weather and drought they decided to sell direct to consumers to maintain a fair price for there produce.

As the venture grew they saw the opportunity to provide high quality farm fresh beef into the restaurant trade and to consumers, so in 2009 they created Sydney Meats.  In 2012 they saw the opportunity to utilise some of the additional beef products that we produced and so developed a range of beef jerky products.

Sales of there beef jerky have grown significantly over the past 3 years as have there beef and lamb packs and it was no longer viable for them to partner with butchers to process there meat on a weekly basis and so in March 2015 they opened there first retail outlet at Hammondville.

Located at 42 Walder Road, Hammondville there retail shop uses the beef and lamb direct from there farms along with other farm fresh pork and poultry products so customers can enjoy the full range of products normally associated with a butcher.

Sydney Meats


Sydney Meats

Shop 9, Casula Mall, 1 Ingham Drive, Casula NSW 2170

Phone: (02) 9734 7755

Peters Meats Broadway

Bondi Gourmet Spices now available at Peters Meats Broadway

02 9211 9314

With over 50 years experience in selecting the best quality meat and offering it to our customers at the best possible prices, Peters Meats offers true value for money. Peters Meats Broadway are a fully Australian owned and operated company that supports Australian farmers and producers. Bondi Gourmet Spices work hand in hand with peters meats broadway our spice blends and there meats is all that in required to create absolutely amazing dishes at home.

Peters Meats Edgecliff


Bondi Gourmet Spices now available at Peters Meats Edgeciff 😉

The team are supplying the public with amazing meat at great prices, there friendly staff will welcome u with a smile be shore to head down and check out there quality range of meats and now grade A range of spice blends that work hand in hand.





Suite 100 Edgecliff Centre 203 New South Head Road, Edgecliff, NSW 2027
#PH (02) 9327 7762

Field to Fork Butcher

Bondi Gourmet Spices now available with the Field to Fork Butcher team!

Field to Fork are passionate about delivering fresh, grass-fed, free range products direct from the farm to Bondi daily. Field to fork are committed to sustainable and ethical farming practices by taking a hands on approach to every step of the process. Field to fork make sure that you receive meat that is the direct result of free range animals that have been cared for, handled in a low stress facility and processed humanely. Field to fork wants you to know where your food is coming from, which is why they have a direct relationship with our graziers and source locally to reduce our impact on the environment. The care Field to fork takes ensures that the meat you receive from Field to Fork Butcher is nutrient rich, flavorsome, and of the highest quality.